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these are all plus size models

the top two are from domino dollhouse

the next two are from chubby cartwheels

the fifth is torrid, an exclusively plus size store

the sixth is asos curve, asos’ plus size line

the last is forever 21’s plus size line

i wanted to post this because i want to show the diversity of fat bodies (this is obv only a small sample). 

it’s interesting to me that the big brands have sizing up to us 26 in the case of asos curve, us 22 for forever 21, and us 28 for torrid, but those stores’ models are almost always within the 14-18 range (and their bodies are always of a certain shape — flat tummies, big hips, round breasts, small waists)

positive representation of fat bodies above a size 18 and of varied proportion is important in media, fashion, life in general. that these stores exist and offer fashionable clothing for bigger sizes is great! now let’s make it so that their models accurately display the range of available sizes, too.

the point to this isn’t to shame anyone of any size, but to encourage brands who make clothing up to size 28 and beyond to show off how great people look in that clothing on their shop’s website!